remember when

we sang our sunrise senior living christmas medley twice so we could get it on video. and acted like it wasn't weird at all. your solo was on "white christmas" and it was extremely beautiful both times. i have always loved how your voice floats in song, like fog over a lake

we shared sesame ice cream in a sticky note booth

you invented the language of the "bonk." sometimes it is this simple--sometimes we must bonk. and sometimes we are bonked. in #21 i hope you bonk when you need to, and that when you are bonked you call me

you unlocked your WIGGLING POWERS!! I DREAM OF THE DAY I AM REAL-LIFE WITNESS TO YOUR WIGGLES! !!!! sometimes i think about how you are an artist and pure physical energy is your medium. dats crazy

we sat together on millennium park grass one sunny miracle day. sharing space with you after pains and phases apart is a gift of gifts of gifts